The plans were easy to read and follow. We are really surprised to see how much more room there is compared to my portable.

Thanks a lot!
Edgerton, Ohio

We've been fishing a few times already and it has been great. We had a ball and the ice shack worked great it kept me warm and cozy while I jigged for the little darlins. Thank you very much for the great plans and hope you come up with more ideas.

Joyce Walker-Tschetter & Lee S. Tschetter
South Dakota



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My hut is complete the plans worked great! Easy to follow and material cost prediction of $100 was right on. I look forward to some "crappie nights" in the warmth of my hut, thanks !

DeKalb, IL

Very easy to follow plans. Built it in no time and was able to use it already. I used a black tarp and it made it quite warm inside also allowed me to see into the water.

Sexsmith, Alberta Canada

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Question: I was just wondering where do you attach the 2by4 for the one end is it on top of the floor or flush with the floor on the end?

Answer: Yes it is on top of the plywood floor and flush with the end. The side then is flush with the bottom piece of plywood (both sides are). the 2x4 on the end simply elevates one of the sides to accommodate the folding height of the other side.

Question: How much does the ice shanty weigh when completed?

Answer: Mine weighs about 100 lbs. Light enough to lift into the pickup box by one person.

Question: How much did it cost to build the shack?

Answer: Total cost was right around $100. I bought my materials at Menards and Macs in Bismarck ND.

Question: What do you need the 100 x 1/2" flat top tarp screws for?

Answer: I used them to screw the firring strips down over the tarp edges. And yes, I did staple the tarp down first. You will need someone to help you stretch it.

Question: I suppose that you wrote
  • 42 1/4"x1" coarse thread bolts
  • 46 1/4" coarse thread nuts
  • 46 1/4" lock washers
  • 42 1/4"x1" flat washers
    because they only come in that amount? you don't actually use 46 of each right?

    A: I did use that amount actually. My friends thought I was nuts (no pun intended) for beefing it up and using all the lock washers etc, but it wasn't expensive to make it a little more heavy duty by using bolts and nuts instead of wood screws. Worth it long term to me so I would have to be doing maintenance on it every year.

    Question: Do you think this hut could be heated with a small wood or propane stove? or would it melt the tarp?

    Answer: Yes you can sure use a propane heater. I use a Paulin Propane heater/cooker with an adaptor for a full sized propane tank.

    It works great for heating the hut to a super comfortable temperature plus works equally well for warming up lunch!

    Question: Is the tarp stapled to the strips then then strips are screwed to the walls or the tarp stapled to the wall and the strips are screwed over it for extra strength?

    Answer: The latter, staples first then fir strips screwed down.

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